4 Steps to Perfection: How to Find Just The Right Hotel for You on ZenHotels

4 Steps to Perfection: How to Find Just The Right Hotel for You on ZenHotels

What makes a hotel the perfect accommodation? The perfect accommodation is the one that suits you to a tee! Whether that means an apartment decorated with stucco ceiling art in the heart of Rome or an all-inclusive resort on the Mediterranean Coast is up to you to decide. Our goal is to churn out exactly what you are looking for at the top of the search results.

Now, let’s dive into the features of our website and app that help you enjoy that.

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1. Step one: set your budget

This way, you already know where, when, and with whom you’ll head off on your trip. 

You enter this information on our website and receive hundreds or even thousands of hotels in your desired location!

Use the budget range to stay within the limits of the amount that you’ve planned to spend and only view options that are relevant to you.

2. Step two: filter out all the excessive features

Now’s the time to sort out anything that you know is definitely not going to work for you.

Our renowned filters will help you do just that!

  • Type of accommodation — this is to help select the place you want to stay at. In addition, the usual hotels and hostels, we also offer apartments, suites, villas, guest houses, and glamping sites. Choose the variety of accommodation that’s the very best fit for your trip.
  • Location — this slider will enable you to choose the distance within the city center you’ll be staying at so you can either stay “in the heart of the city” or, on the contrary, escape further from all the fuss and the noise.
  • Facilities and Services — this is where you can account for things that are important to you, such as the accommodation having a fitness center, swimming pool, nearby downhill ski slope, or even a charging station for electric cars.
  • Special property features will help you select options that are, for example, more suitable for going on trips with children or where you can even show up with your cat!
  • Meals — it’s possible to include meals for the whole day (our favorite) or just stay for the breakfasts if you’re not planning to sit at the hotel throughout the day.
  • Star rating will help you select hotels by the number of stars. For example, whether you don’t intend to stay at any hotel with less than five stars, or, on the contrary, don’t need more than one star – everyone has their own standards!
  • Customer reviews will help you choose options based on to the rating that other travelers have given to various hotels: 10 is outstanding, and anything 5 and under is just adequate…
  • Payment and booking — this is where such delicate issues as the possibility of paying on the spot, card-free booking, or free cancellation are handled. Remember that you can use cards issued by Russian banks to pay for foreign hotels online, thus dispelling your worries concerning financial issues upon your arrival.
  • Number of rooms and type of bed — use these filters to plan your sleeping arrangements in advance – who will sleep in which room, how many beds you need, and so on.
  • Districts — this filter will show you hotels in specific areas of the city. Perhaps you have districts you prefer or you have long dreamt of staying in a certain location (for example, in the  Moda district in Istanbul or in the Sololaki district in Tbilisi!).
  • Landmarks — you can even stay at the foot of the Eiffel tower, if that tickles your fancy!
  • Nearest subway station — this filter only appears in cities that operate a subway system and helps you choose hotels near the stations you need. There are two items to help you indicate subway station vicinity: check the box beside the “Near the subway” option in the “Location” filter and scroll down to indicate the required station in the “Nearest subway” section.
  • Brands — this filter will certainly come in handy if you enjoy a specific hotel chain and you prefer to stay at its hotels during your trips.

To the right of each filter, you will see the number of hotels that meet this specific criterion.

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Too complex criteria!

If you used all our filters (“A” for effort!), but you didn’t find a single hotel that met your set criteria, don’t worry, that can happen. 

Just start off removing one filter at a time in order to lighten the search for the system.

We advise you start with the most unnecessary filters that you can easily do without.

3. Step three: study the pictograms

There are a lot of essential significance laced into these mysterious icons in the hotel card that can make your trip even more convenient!

For example, they show if the hotel has free Internet, transfer services, or a restaurant.

Hover over the icon to find out what it means. 

4. Step four: add to Favorites

By this stage, you’ve most likely found it – your perfect accommodation! Or do you still need to reflect? If you need a bit longer to think things over or discuss options with your traveling companions, save the hotels so that those precious pearls don’t get lost among the 2 million others on ZenHotels. 

By the way, there are already classy selections of accommodations in the Where to stay” section — broken down just for you! 

Simply tap the heart icon in the upper-left corner of the photo of the hotel you liked. This way, they’ll end up in your “My choice” section and will be waiting for you when you return to them again. 

In this section, accommodations are grouped by location, so if you are planning to visit several different cities on the same trip, the accommodations will be sorted accordingly. You can immediately send your selection of hotels sorted by city or the links to specific options to your fellow travelers by clicking “Copy” and then inserting the link in a messaging app or e-mail.

You can now consider yourself a guru when it comes to searching for the perfect hotel! The time has come to try out what you’ve learned on ZenHotels: find and book the hotel of your dreams and then enjoy an unforgettable, comfortable, cozy vacation there.

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