How Hotels Care for Their Guests

How Hotels Care for Their Guests

Sometimes hotels simply astound us with their attention. Are you sad on a trip with no one to talk to about the past and the future? Well here’s your aquarium fish for the whole night. Do you miss home while you’re away from home? They will bake you some home-made pies. Are you bored taking a shower by yourself? Although… that’s a whole other story. We chose seven cases when hotels’ care for their guests seemed really unusual.

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Fish for rent

The Belgian hotel Charleroi Airport offers their guests fish for rent. For €3.50 the fish will spend the whole night with you. The hotel believes that the creature will help provide company to those who are lonely. The idea is good, but the Belgians have a very peculiar idea of what makes for an interesting conversation partner.

Hotel Charleroi Airport, from 76 euros/night.

Paper carrier

In the American Aloft Cupertino they have come up with a modern solution to a long-standing delicate problem. The hotel has a special robot that delivers toilet paper to the rooms. At the reception there are no more awkward requests like “Hey-um, I’ve run out of… ahem…well, could I get another roll of toilet…” You won’t blush in front of the robot.

Aloft Cupertino, from 198 euros/night

Guiltless souvenirs

In the British Malmaison hotels, they don’t only encourage a nearly illegal demand, but in fact they even push guests to take the toiletries away with them. Labels such as “The best shampoo you have ever stolen” and “Pack me up and take me home” have appeared on the bottles. It looks cool. Are these shampoos taken more often? When something is allowed you’re less likely to want to do it.

Malmaison, from 168 euros/night

Be human

In the Viennese hotel Vienna House Easy Trier they are happy to host animals. However, they aren’t happy when people become animals. This is not likely something that anyone would love, but this particular hotel was noted for its unusual straightness.

Vienna House Easy Trier, from 106 euros/night

A sleepy choice

Which type of pillow would you like tonight: soft, synthetic, or warm like a wool blanket? Perhaps a firm pillow? At the Vietnamese InterContinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort there are pillows for anyone’s tastes and dreams. It’s an excellent idea that also you use at home: collect pillows made from different materials and assign each of them its own day of the week. Or establish a home dictatorship in order to manipulate family members. If you are well-behaved, you sleep with a comfortable one. If you didn’t wash your dishes, you will sleep with a synthetic one for three nights!

InterContinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort, from 259 euros/night

Hotel duck

If you stay at the Сourtyard By Marriott Aventura Mall in Miami, then you need to get ready for business much ahead of time. Each guest at the hotel receives a rubber ducky to splash with in the bathroom. So even if you weren’t planning on taking a bath, it’s going to be impossible to resist. Set aside an extra hour to get ready: you will not notice how a quick shower will turn into saving Duckburg from water bombing and how washing your hands will become duck rafting.  

Сourtyard By Marriott Aventura Mall, from 144 euros/night

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Bedtime stories

At MOXY Phoenix Tempe in Arizona they know how to make a night into a fairy tale for any guest. Literally speaking. The rooms are equipped with special telephones so you can get comfortable in bed, dial the number, and listen to stories about the adventures of knights, princesses, talking animals, and wizards until you begin to nod off. Guests sleep long and sweetly.  

MOXY Phoenix Tempe, from 115 euros/night

Whether you will spend a night with a fish, sleep on seven pillows at once, or prefer more traditional hotels—the choice is yours. The main thing is to remember that travel is an excellent reason to experiment and try something that you have never tried before. Who knows, maybe one of these hotel services will turn into your secret pleasure.

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