The Bar Set High and Satisfaction Guaranteed – Erotic Hotels of the World

The Bar Set High and Satisfaction Guaranteed – Erotic Hotels of the World

Whether your love boat has already docked, or you sail your ship alone, now is the time for everyone to head out and seek some adventure. Spread like peppercorns throughout the world there are hotels which will happily and respectfully try to meet any preferences you might have and help you realise your fantasies. For those who wish to dig deeper, here is a list of erotic hotels where you can stay either alone or as a couple.

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For nudists

If your body is your main source of pride and you want everyone to know about it – and the word “shame” is not in your lexicon – then you should head for a hotel with a nudist beach. You can get yourself an all over tan and swim without a bathing suit. No-one will give you a second glance.

Kissimmee, Florida, USA

The 3* Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa is located on the shores of a picturesque lake to make becoming one with nature, in both a literal and figurative sense, as simple as possible. Here you can get a full technological detox – you’ll have to leave your phone in the room or in your dressing gown because you won’t have any pockets to put it in.

If this is your first time as a nudist, you might want to approach it step by step, but be prepared to encounter people around you who are prepared to go the whole hog. Many couples come here, including older people, who have embraced the nudist way of life for many years. Fresh air, a swimming pool where bathing costumes are banned, a jacuzzi – everything to help you lose those inhibitions.

See the rooms in Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa.

Salchi, Mexico

In contrast to the previous hotel, where showing one’s feelings is only allowed behind closed doors, here, in rather less conventional Mexico, anything goes. Zipolite Beach, with its many bungalows, is the best-known nudist beach in the country. The ideal place to get to know like-minded people from your hotel a bit better – or even from the neighbouring properties too.

The hotel has an open-air pool with a terrace, a massage parlour and a beach bar.

See the rooms in Nude Hotel.

For swingers

As life goes on, things can slow down and you can get into a rut – it happens. Some address this by going out and buying a red cabriolet or a diamond necklace – and some choose to spice up their sex life. Why not?

Los Cabos, Mexico

Most nudist hotels do not allow public displays of affection, but here, no such ban exists. There are specially equipped rooms and more secluded places where you can meet with other couples and enjoy your time together.

Services include a spa, sauna and fitness club – in fact, it’s really worth keeping trim when you’re in full view. There is a sun beach with double beds too – Mexican erotic heaven!

See the rooms in Desire Resort & Spa – Couples Only.

Negril, Jamaica

If you see yourself as an out and out hedonist and you adhere to a free moral code, then you should make for glorious Jamaica. Free spirit reigns in this hotel, cocktails are served from early morning, shorts and sandals are welcome at dinner and no-one will blame you for forgetting to call your mother. There is an area especially designed for those wishing to swap partners or simply make new friends. Nude bathing in the pool is almost mandatory and hot parties are held there every night.

See the rooms in Hedonism II All Inclusive Resort.

For couples into BDSM

Love is pain! But only in comfortable surroundings and with a stop-word. Here we also have some suggestions for those who like to play hard.

Dodgeville (WI), USA

This small hotel is not just for those already experienced in BDSM but for anyone who would like to test out their limits. The hotel offers 20 themed rooms based on many and varied scenarios, such as the “The Cave”, where you can play at being Wilma Flintstone, “Sherwood Forest” if your dream is to be a kidnapped robber, or “Mid-Evil” where the bed has built in shackles. Once you’ve had enough playing, you can relax in a heart-shaped hot bath – how sweet!

See the rooms in Don Q Inn.

Las Vegas (NV), USA

Where else but Las Vegas to get that ultimate feeling of freedom. This hotel is famous for its parties. You can start your evening cruising the lobby bar and then move on to the lounge bar, close to the pool. After that you move on to the Rehab Beach Club where you party on through and greet the dawn with cocktails.

You will receive a sex toy menu in your room on arrival, including the offer of handcuffs, feather whips and vibrating underwear – their most popular product.

See the rooms in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

If you’re looking for sexy romance…

Here are some options if you’re looking for something a bit more intimate – with jacuzzi and mirrored ceilings, for instance…

Cresco, USA

This hotel is ideal for couples who are looking for a romantic weekend together. Each room has a jacuzzi in the middle of the room itself. One of the rooms is called the Champagne Tower, where the jacuzzi is in the shape of a champagne saucer; time to order a bottle of bubbly and enjoy each other to the accompaniment of the bubbles fizzing gently.

The hotel often hosts famous names as part of the entertainment package, as well as themed activities for lovers, such as drawing or wine tasting hosted by a qualified sommelier.

See the rooms in Paradise Stream Resort.

Brighton, UK

This boutique hotel will appeal to couples who have been thinking about loosening up for some time. Starting with the heavenly cocktails they serve in this establishment, you’re guaranteed an especially sexy time. We recommend you try and stay in the Lovers’ Lair where, apart from the huge round bed, the ceiling is mirrored (just in case you ever wondered what it looks like from up there) and there is a pole for pole dancing for your delectation. This room has its own entrance for added privacy.

See the rooms in Hotel Pelirocco.

Love is multi-faceted and unique – we hope that you’ll be able to take a look at one or more of these hotels. Don’t be afraid of your feelings and, if you do manage to pluck up the courage, remember that what goes on in an erotic hotel stays in an erotic hotel.

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