Discovering The Best Christmas Markets Around the Globe

Discovering The Best Christmas Markets Around the Globe

Get ready to soak up the enchantment of the festive season as we wander through the magical Christmas fairs and markets spread across the world. Each stop on our journey unveils its own set of unique traditions and holiday vibes, inviting you to bask in the special magic that makes this time of year so extraordinary. 

Whether you’re daydreaming about a winter escape or scouting for local treasures, these markets are not just shopping spots; they’re immersive holiday-filled experiences. So, come along as we explore these holiday wonderlands, each promising a distinct blend of yuletide charm and a collection of moments that capture the true essence of the season.

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1. Vienna Christmas Market

Step into a winter wonderland in Vienna, where the Christmas market radiates with the charm of the season. From beautifully adorned stalls offering traditional crafts to the sweet aroma of Austrian treats, this market captures the spirit of Christmas. 

Bask in the Yuletide glow of Vienna’s Christmas Market, a festive tapestry of tradition and joy, where the spirit of the season comes alive through enchanting stalls and the sweetness of Austrian cheer.
Photo: S.Borisov/

Join thousands as you shop, eat, and explore what is said to be Europe’s most beautiful Christmas market. If the Vienna Christmas Market can do one thing, it’s shorten the time before Christmas and heighten the anticipation of the big festive season.

Try Austrian treats

2. Netherlands Christmas Market, Valkenburg

In Valkenburg, Christmas is not just a season; it’s an enchanting experience. Wander through unique and beautiful winter landscapes, where the Christmas markets stimulate all your senses. Venture below ground and explore a 30-meter Christmas village that adds a unique touch to the festivities. 

Delve into Valkenburg’s underground Christmas market, where festive lights and storytelling blend into a captivating subterranean celebration, crafting a holiday experience as unique as it is memorable.

The Christmas markets offer more than just stalls; they provide a journey through enchanting caves with cozy stalls, charming lights, and the Christmas story told in both grand and intimate ways. The Christmas lights weave a spellbinding tapestry, creating a festive atmosphere that invites endless fun.

Plan your visit, and have fun soaking in the magic of a fairytale Christmas in Valkenburg!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind Christmas celebration where joy, tradition, and enchantment come together to create cherished holiday memories.
Wander among cozy Christmas stalls

3. Warsaw Christmas Fair

Twilight descends on Warsaw’s old town, where the festive cheer of the Christmas Fair weaves through the market square, aglow with the warm lights of Polish tradition and holiday mirth.
Photo: Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski/

Warsaw’s Christmas market is a celebration of Polish traditions and holiday cheer. The market square comes alive with colorful lights, traditional music, and a variety of stalls offering everything from handcrafted ornaments to regional delicacies. 

The Christmas spirit is truly alive as Warsaw residents and tourists from all over the world fill the streets to celebrate the holiday season, eat delicious food, and watch colorful parades. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Warsaw’s festive spirit as you explore this enchanting Christmas market.

Explore the Warsaw Christmas market

4. Edinburgh Christmas Market

In the heart of Edinburgh’s historic city center, East Princes Street Gardens hosts a charming Christmas Market with 70 stalls, offering a delightful array of handmade gifts, bespoke finds, and delicious treats. It’s a festive experience that’s perfect for the whole family. With the iconic Edinburgh Castle as a backdrop, this market offers a perfect blend of tradition and merriment.

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market warms the heart with gingerbread sentiments, crafting a delectable symphony of flavors and affections under the watchful gaze of the city’s storied castle.
Photo: Ludovic Farine/

Beyond shopping and eating, visitors can experience The Big Wheel, Scotland’s tallest Ferris wheel at 46m, providing stunning city views. At the same time, the enchanting Santa Train weaves through a glowing winter wonderland. For those seeking an extra thrill, the Helter Skelter and the exhilarating Starflyer promise an adrenaline-packed experience. 

Take a glimpse at the Edinburgh Santa Train

5. Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin’s Christmas market, WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt, is a bustling spectacle of lights, entertainment, and holiday delights. From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the charming Old Town, the city transforms into a Christmas paradise. Shop for handmade gifts, enjoy the festive ambiance that makes Berlin a must-visit during the holiday season and indulge in traditional and exquisite German cuisine.

Berlin’s WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt glimmers with festive illumination, a beacon of holiday warmth and cheer amidst the city’s iconic architecture, inviting all to partake in the merriment of its Christmas bazaar.
Photo: S.Borisov /

Immerse yourself in the world of handicraft artists as they unveil the magic behind their creations. From the leather queen to the hatter, the wood carver of Oberammergau, and the mesmerizing turner showcasing tricks on the windowpane — each artist invites you to marvel at their unique talents. 

Worried about the cold? Don’t be because the stalls at the WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt are heated, making them the perfect place to escape the frigid winter air. 

Explore the iconic Brandenburg Gate

6. Strasbourg Christmas Market

As the self-proclaimed “Capital of Christmas,” Strasbourg’s market is a dazzling display of lights and festive cheer. The cobblestone streets are lined with stalls offering Alsatian crafts, culinary delights, and the aroma of mulled wine. Experience the enchantment of one of Europe’s oldest Christmas markets.

Strasbourg, France. Street cafe tables on Winter Street, Christmas time. Alsace night scene with highlighted old buildings in touristic concept.
Photo: ecstk22/

With over 300 stalls, these festive havens promise an array of delights and exceptional items, each embodying the rich traditions of Alsatian Christmas. These vibrant markets invite you to immerse yourself in the festive spirit while exploring the unique offerings that define each square’s holiday traditions.

Visit the Capital of Christmas

7. London Christmas Market, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland glistens from above, a carnival of festive lights and joy, offering a dazzling escape into London’s beloved Christmas fairyland.
Photo: Alexey Fedorenko /

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London is a 6-week sprawling festive extravaganza. Whether you’re seeking high-adrenaline rides or family-friendly performances, classic festive treats or the latest in London’s street food scene, cozy fire pit bars, or mythical ice kingdoms – Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has it all. 

Mornings are perfect for families, allowing a leisurely exploration of Winter Wonderland. As evening descends, Hyde Park transforms into a magical realm adorned with thousands of sparkling lights. Grab a mug of mulled wine, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, or a hearty stein of Bavarian beer, and immerse yourself in the joyous festivities that make Hyde Park Winter Wonderland the ultimate Christmas destination in the heart of London.

Take a cup of hot chocolate 

8. Turnstyle Underground Holiday Market

Step into the heart of NYC at the Turnstyle Underground Market, an immersive New York Holiday Festival beneath the bustling streets. Spanning a full city block, this hidden gem boasts 19 tantalizing food vendors, 10 retail stores, and 10 kiosks, featuring a total of 39 unique eateries, shops, and pop-ups — all seamlessly connected to the 59th St-Columbus Circle station.

Guarded by towering Nutcrackers, the Turnstyle Underground Market in NYC offers a subterranean feast of flavors and finds, a round-the-clock celebration of the city’s pulsing heartbeat.
Photo: eronymos /

No MetroCard is required; yes, you’re literally underground! Nestled beneath 8th Avenue, between 57th and 58th Street, the market beckons with seven street-level entrances, making access a breeze. As for hours, this market mirrors the city’s relentless energy — it truly never sleeps. 

From your early-morning coffee fix to late-night treats, Turnstyle caters to your every craving, ensuring you’re covered at any hour. After all, where else can you find a market that keeps pace with the lively beat of the Big Apple?

Go underground to the Turnstyle market

9. Black Creek Pioneer Village Festive Lights

Experience the magic of the holiday season in Toronto with a unique event at Black Creek Pioneer Village. In early December, the village transforms into a vibrant hub of live music, delectable treats, captivating storytelling, and festive dancing, creating an electrifying ambiance.

Black Creek Pioneer Village glows with the holiday spirit, its market a treasure trove of traditional crafts and yuletide merriment, beckoning with the warm allure of a Toronto Christmas.
Photo: Smileus/

Explore the holiday market, where traditional crafts add to the enchantment. This event caters to a diverse audience, transcending familial associations, and stands as one of Toronto’s top Christmas markets. Whether you’re in pursuit of unique crafts or simply seeking an immersive experience, Black Creek Pioneer Village promises a remarkable holiday escape.

Experience the magic of the holiday season

10. Vancouver Christmas Market

Embrace the jubilant spirit of the season at Vancouver’s Christmas Market, a wonderland of handcrafted gifts and festive flavors, sparkling with the joy of discovery and the warmth of holiday cheer.
Photo: Sven Hansche /

Explore the Vancouver Christmas Market, a festive haven featuring over 90 artisan huts offering unique handcrafted gifts. From delightful stocking stuffers to treasures under the tree, discover an array of bespoke items for everyone on your list. For those with a taste for festive flavors, indulge in Glühwein (mulled wine), German and Austrian beers, and an assortment of sweet and savory epicurean delights.

This festive celebration combines vibrant décor, authentic gifts, delectable food and drink, and family entertainment, creating the ideal environment for socializing with friends and family. The Vancouver Christmas Market provides a joyful and memorable experience, whether for a quick lunch, an after-work drink, a festive photo op, or a wide variety of holiday entertainment.

Explore festive flavors

Christmas magic is right around the corner 

Whether you’re sipping hot mulled wine in Vienna, strolling through the festive lights in Berlin, or experiencing the magic of London’s Hyde Park, these Christmas fairs offer a magical way to celebrate the season and create lasting memories. Start planning your festive getaway and embrace the joy of the holidays around the world.

Savor the essence of Christmas with a glass of hot mulled wine, surrounded by the glow of festive lights and the promise of the season’s joy.
Photo: Alexander Raths /

Explore the rich tapestry of holiday traditions and magical moments at the world’s top Christmas markets. Whether you’re shaping a winter getaway or savoring local festivities, let the joy of the season guide your travels. 

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