Holiday in a Mini-Globe: Five Bubble Hotels

Holiday in a Mini-Globe: Five Bubble Hotels

We’re all bored with lockdown, but if you suddenly want to hide away again and have that “leave me alone, I want to be on my own” kind of mood, then we’ve found a fantastic way to escape. A bubble hotel! We bet you’ve never had that travel experience before! 

We have selected five unusual bubble hotels located in Martian deserts or greenery (like in Avatar, the movie). You simply have to choose one of them and plan a new journey.

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Petra Bubble

Petra Bubble hotel is located on the outskirts of the town of Wadi Musa, which in Arabic means “Valley of Moses”. It’s the nearest human settlement to the archeological digs of Petra, a UNESCO heritage site.

The bubble rooms are far away from civilization in the Wadi Musa desert. Each sports a view over the picturesque valley with pinky-red cliffs that extend all the way to the horizon. You can even forget for a second that you’re on Planet Earth and not on another planet.

The bubble rooms are far away from civilization in the Wadi Musa desert. Photo:

However, unlike in outer space here, you will also find all the earthly joys: a large double-bed under a transparent dome, a bathroom, a terrace for sunbathing, and even a modest lounge in order to admire the stunning sunsets. While junior suites even contain their own swimming pool.

Everything else is like in ordinary hotels: car parking, transfer from and to the airport, breakfast in the hotel dining room, and free internet. But if you really are in a hermit mood, then you don’t have to go out anywhere and can order meals in your room.

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

There is another Martian bubble hotel, the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel, located in the valley of Wadi Rum, which is also known as the moon valley. This desert is considered the most picturesque location in the country and is protected by UNESCO.

You can call this hotel isolated, as the nearest town, Aqaba, is 60 km away, but tourists nevertheless take the long desert trip in order to witness its beauty with their own eyes.

Wadi Rum desert is considered the most picturesque location in the country and is protected by UNESCO.

Anyway, nobody will disturb you in the hotel’s territory. The feeling that you are on another planet is assured by the pink cliffs surrounding this camp-hotel.

Suites consist of a large bedroom, bathroom, and lounge — all under transparent domes. Each suite contains a terrace with hammocks: ideal if you want to reflect on the meaning of life. Moreover, the superior suites contain a jacuzzi on the terrace.

The camp territory also contains free internet, so boast on Instagram with pretty photos to your heart’s content.

Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri

The unusual Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri hotel is literally located in paradise. The island state of Mauritius is famous for its turquoise lagoons and reefs, as well as for its large national park Black River Gorges with its picturesque waterfalls and emerald hills. If you want to learn more about this heavenly island, read our guide.

Rooms hidden in greenery are entirely shaped as transparent domes.

The bubble rooms are hidden in the greenery, and each has a terrace for relaxing to the sound of the tropical jungle. The rooms are entirely shaped as transparent domes. Guests are provided with a bedroom, modest-sized lounge, and a bathroom (not a transparent one, of course!).

The cost of stay at the hotel includes breakfast and supper, and free parking is provided.

Ubud Bubble Luxury Tent

Staying at the Ubud Bubble Luxury Tent in the town of Tampaksiring is just what you need if you come to visit the central part of the island, known as Ubud.

The reason is that unlike the southern part of the island, the dominant atmosphere here is one of tranquility and relaxation. In Ubud, by the way, you will find a large number of excellent spa centers to cater for any budget. In other words, total zen!

Staying at the Ubud Bubble Luxury Tent is just what you need if you come to visit the central part of the island.

At Ubud, it’s a bit fresher and cooler than on the island’s coast, thanks to the endless greenery. This location is famous for its rice fields and terraces from where you get a view of the island’s amazing nature.

There are lots of tourist sites near the hotel: it’s just 10-15 minutes’ ride to Tegallalang Rice Terrace, while it will take 15-20 minutes to get to Ubud Palace and the Monkey Forest, where you will find a footpath with amazing views called the Campuhan Ridge Walk, a few temples and even the  Neka Art Museum.

Wi-Fi is provided on the territory, so you can take pretty pictures to leave your friends burning with envy.

The hotel itself consists of five gated enclosures, each of which contains a bubble bedroom (with a big bed under a transparent dome), jacuzzi, or an “endless” swimming pool above a precipice, deckchairs and swings — basically, everything you need for happiness!

Free internet is provided on the hotel territory, so your friends can envy you in real-time.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

The town of Tudela, which contains the unusual Aire de Bardenas hotel, has not so far become a massive tourist resort. This is a big advantage, as this is where to go for peace and tranquility.

If you stay there for more than a couple of days, then there are several means of entertainment: near the hotel, you will find the thematic park Sendaviva with a zoo and modest attractions, while hotel guests are recommended to take an excursion to the Bardenas desert.

Each room resembles a transparent globe with panoramic windows.

Anyway, you’re unlikely to want to leave the hotel: each room is a modest-sized building in the shape of a cube with panoramic windows and its own territory.

Each enclosure contains a terrace for picturesque breakfasts, as well as a jacuzzi and deckchairs. If you want to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature, then stay to spend the night on a bed under a transparent dome.

The main part of the hotel contains a swimming pool in case your personal jacuzzi isn’t enough for you. Also, in the lobby, you can order breakfast and dinner in the restaurant for an extra payment.

Experiments are always exciting. The key is to be prepared for whatever awaits you. We hope that our brief excursion to hotels from another planet has dispelled your doubts and that you will set off on another journey with pleasure!

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