What Are the Stresses of the City and How Can They Be Avoided

What Are the Stresses of the City and How Can They Be Avoided

City life can provide fantastic opportunities but at the same time it can sap your strength.  We know about the dirty air, traffic jams, noise, lack of light and so on, but there are other, not so obvious city stresses. Let’s think about three common sources and look out for some places where you can go to get away from it all.

Celebration fatigue

Where did this urge come from to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and seemingly every other holiday, old and new, just like they do in the movies and magazines? The decorations have to be just right, the costumes spot on, the atmosphere jolly, the food tasty, beautiful photographs – the list just goes on and on.

We put a lot of energy into preparations so that everything goes without a hitch – and then we need to spend a few days afterwards getting over the whole thing.  This seemingly endless demand for entertainment brings with it emotional and often financial burnout.

Well, the Portuguese town Monsaraz can be a solution. It is a remote fortress town and one of the oldest settlements in the country. Tourists here are rare, as are the locals (there are only 997 inhabitants), and everything is close to hand – no crowds and no queues. Wander through the quiet, whitewashed streets, rest peacefully on the shores of the majestic lake, disappear into the Middle Ages behind the walls of the hilltop citadel or simply laze in a comfortable chair on your balcony – all you need to recharge after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

You can stay at the 5 star São Lourenço do Barrocal hotel with its own winery, or the Estalagem De Monsaraz. Don’t hesitate – follow the link now and follow your dreams!

São Lourenço do Barrocal hotel

Estalagem De Monsaraz

Transport fatigue

The average citizen spends almost 8 days sitting in traffic jams every year. Public transport is, of course, an alternative, but to spend time trying to plan routes without traffic jams, long interchanges and worrying about the closest station to your destination is also not the most inspiring activity. For those tired of being behind the wheel or at the mercy of the turnstile, the Greek resort of Vourvourou comes to your rescue – especially in low season.

Those who love to pamper themselves in the warm, book a room in the Ekies All Senses Resort. You won’t want to leave the hotel once you’ve arrived. It’s difficult enough to catch sight of a bus or motor car anywhere near the place, let alone hear them. All eyes are on the horizon, the piercingly chilled white wine and bread slices covered in delicious cream cheese.

Ekies All Senses Resort


City dwellers get used to the fact that life is constantly making demands on them: lack of sleep, no time, always busy, the list is never ending. Such a stressful background to everyday life invariably leads to anxiety, and consequently to problems with sleep, chronic fatigue and often depression. The countryside can cure all this. That is why places of rest and sanctuary are built in forests and on the shores of lakes and rivers.

Georgia is easy to get to – inexpensive and good for your health. Not only is the scenery quite magnificent, but you can also get khinkali the size of your fist for only 50 cents, local wines and soft cheeses. Visit the country’s ski resorts out of season, when the hotels are empty, the prices are affordable, and the views over the mountains are food for the soul. Ideally suited for this are the resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani, where every day you can explore new places, enjoy delicious “Borjomi” and breathe the clean, fresh air.

A couple of  routes for true royalists and hikers are :

  • The “Nikolai Romanov” trail in the National Park of Borjomi-Kharagauli From Borjomi to Marelisi This 43 km hike takes three days. En route, you will climb Mount Lomi (2198 m), cross the Meshetinsky Ridge descending into the village of Marelisi.
  • “St Andrew’s” trail. This is a four day hike from Atskuri to Marelisi, covering 54 km. The highest point is Mount Samechvario (2642 m). Legend has it that St. Andrew himself once trod this very path.

Don’t be afraid to be just a tiny bit selfish. Switch off your work email, get your neighbours to look after the cat, turn your back on it all and reboot your system – whether you go to a nearby town or city or to another continent altogether. Take care of yourself.

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