Top 10 Warm Weather Travel Destination Ideas for Fall

Top 10 Warm Weather Travel Destination Ideas for Fall

Not ready to say goodbye to summer? We have good news–you don’t need to wait until next year for your next beach vacation! If you pick the right location, you can have your toes in the sand with a cold drink in your hand any time of the year.

However, for the perfect warm-weather fall vacation, you must select a location that experiences a late fall. Whether you would like to visit Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas this fall, we’ve curated a list of warm fall weather travel destinations for all travelers and all budgets. Your autumn beach vacation is just a scroll away!

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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Fall in Mexico is warm and sunny, and this classic Mexican vacation destination is best known for its beaches and flexibility for travelers. Those who visit the Riviera Maya can choose between social-heavy resorts or quiet retreats to curate their fall travel experience.

Akumal Beach: Where Sun, Sand, and Culture Meet. From bustling resorts to serene retreats, Riviera Maya offers the perfect fall getaway. Don’t miss out on the authentic Mexican cuisine and must-try snorkeling adventures!
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Both partiers and those in need of some relaxation time enjoy this destination as there is a great mixture of beaches, nightlife, and historical intrigue for travelers to explore. Plenty of shopping and great authentic Mexican food are available to sample and enjoy, and you can’t visit Riviera Maya without snorkeling!

Hotels in Riviera Maya

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Mykonos, Greece

The island of Mykonos is well-known for its reputation as a luxury paradise for partiers and beachgoers alike. This destination is popular among celebrities and casual tourists who want to view classic Greek sights of white buildings, stunning blue waters, and iconic blue-topped church domes. Mykonos is also known for its food and shopping opportunities and the luxe yachts that park in its dock.

Windmills of Mykonos: Where Luxury and History Collide. Experience the best of both worlds with stunning Greek architecture, blue waters, and high-end yachts. Perfect for a warm, sunny fall escape!
Photo : Sven Hansche /

Like most places in Greece, Mykonos also carries a rich history that includes tales of pirates and origin stories of Greek myths. A healthy dose of history and fun can be had on the island of Mykonos in the fall months as the weather stays delightfully warm and sunny.

Hotels on Mykonos


The East African country of Seychelles is actually an archipelago that offers many islands for prospective visitors to choose from. Its location in the waters off the coast of East Africa guarantees warm weather year-round, and visitors won’t regret making a visit to see the stunning natural environment that the Seychelles Islands has to offer.

Saint-Anne Marine National Park: Seychelles’ Year-Round Paradise. Dive into turquoise waters, marvel at exotic wildlife, and soak up the sun in this East African jewel.
Photo : haveseen/

With turquoise waters and a major historical port area, Seychelles is one of the wonders of the world and is known for its gorgeous wildlife, including tortoises, birds, and tree frogs.

 Hotels in the Seychelles

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4. Catania, Sicily

Known for being one of the major cities on the island of Sicily, Catania is known for its pristine beaches, fascinating local culture, and delicious authentic Italian cuisine. Views of an active volcano keep Catania interesting, and meeting friendly Sicilian locals is always a great experience.

Castello Ursino, Catania: Where History Meets Volcanic Views. Explore Sicilian culture, feast on authentic Italian cuisine, and step back in time in this vibrant city—perfect for a sunny fall getaway.
Photo : Lomb /

Catania has a rich history, with stunning churches and castles to tour and learn about the past while enjoying a sunny fall day with your loved ones.

Hotels in Sicily

St. Augustine, Florida, United States

People unfortunately tend to overlook this historical American city, but St. Augustine is one of the best locations in the United States to visit during the fall. Known as the first city in America, St. Augustine features old Spanish architecture with all the amenities of a modern American beach town.

St. Augustine Beach: America’s Oldest City Shines Anew. Enjoy sunny fall days exploring Spanish architecture and pristine beaches in this often-overlooked gem.
Photo : Felix Mizioznikov /

Sunny skies and plenty of beach to explore make St. Augustine a must-visit. Enjoy local wines and brews and some fun in the sun in St. Augustine, Florida.

Hotels in St. Augustine 

Bangkok, Thailand

Perhaps better known for its temples and historical landmarks, Bangkok is also loved for its stunning beaches. A trip to Southeast Asia in the fall would be springtime for Bangkok, making for warm temperatures and sunny days as local flora and fauna come into bloom.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok: Where History, Wildlife, and Cuisine Converge. Experience the magic of Thai spring in the fall, from temple tours to authentic Thai feasts.
Photo : Decha Photography /

Bangkok is also great for viewing wildlife, including the Asian elephant. Of course, Thai food is very popular around the world. What better place to enjoy your favorite Thai dishes than in the capital of Thailand?

 Hotels in Bangkok

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt, is a must-visit destination in Africa, especially in the months of fall for the Northern Hemisphere. While there are no beaches in Cairo, there are many great beaches in Egypt to visit during your stay. Cairo is a great pick for adventurous history lovers who want to view ancient artifacts on a warm-weather getaway.

Giza Necropolis, Cairo: An Adventurer’s Dream in the Heart of Egypt. Dive into history on your warm fall escape
Photo : givaga /

 Egyptian food is also a delicacy that must be thoroughly explored, and the capital city of Cairo has plenty to offer, including Egyptian falafel, Egyptian pizza, and shawarma.

 Hotels in Cairo

Shanghai, China

China has a wide variety of offerings, nearly as large as its population. When visiting China’s largest city, Shanghai, there is plenty available for every type of traveler. History lovers can find much to enjoy in Shanghai’s many museums, while families and Disney fans must visit Shanghai Disneyland.

The Bund, Shanghai: A City of Infinite Possibilities. From history to Disneyland, shopping to beaches, Shanghai has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the xiaolongbao and shenjianbao!
Photo : Photo Hedge /

Shopping, nightlife, and beaches are also plentiful in Shanghai. Truly, a visit to Shanghai is what you make of it! Don’t forget to try the delicious local cuisine, including xiaolongbao and shenjianbao!

 Hotels in Shanghai

St. Barts

St. Barts, also known as Saint Barthelemy, is one of the most beloved islands in the Caribbean. Known for its upscale architecture and exciting entertainment offerings, St. Barts makes a wonderful destination for travelers looking for a taste of the finer things. The island is beautifully warm in the fall, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being too cold to enjoy the island’s white sand beaches in between shopping excursions.

Gustavia, St. Barts: Where Luxury and Caribbean Charm Meet. Enjoy warm fall weather on white sand beaches and indulge in upscale shopping and dining. A celebrity hotspot you won’t want to miss!
Photo : Sean Pavone /

The island is also known for its chic cuisine and celebrity appearances.

 Hotels on St. Barts

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Known for its stunning views and mix of scenery, Rio de Janeiro is perfect for those who want to party or relax. Rio de Janeiro offers mountains, beaches, and rainforests to peruse, among other historic landmarks to enjoy!

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro: Where Natural Beauty Meets Vibrant Culture. From mountains to beaches and samba to traditional cuisine, Rio offers a feast for all the senses.
Photo :Catarina Belova /

A trip to Brazil is filled with delicious traditional Brazilian food, culture, and a lively local population.

Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

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Beaches, good food, new culture, and plenty of history to soak in await you at your fall destination. Wherever you choose to visit this fall, you will be sure to enjoy warm weather at any of these destinations. So, which one will you choose?

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